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We are looking for dedicated, trustworthy, genuine individuals who possess leadership qualities and believe in our vision. The ideal additions to our team will have some knowledge and background in handling garments, the fashion industry, design, creating, art, networking, and making connections. The individuals on our team will always have room for growth and have many opportunities to learn. Upload your resume and cover letter to be considered. 

Business Manager

Must possess strong administrative skills, great communication, strong organization skills, knowledge of business filings, strong leadership skills, and

knowledge of business operations.

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Media Manager

Must possess strong administrative skills, expertise in all aspect's pf social media management, be well spoken/ written, possess interpersonal skills, strong customer service, and networking skills. 

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Project Manager

Ideal candidates have a background in event planning, fund raising, networking, customer service, and sales. 

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Administrative Assistant

Ideal candidates will be trustworthy, have a flexible schedule, have transportation, strong administrative skills, strategic/ critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

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Quality Personnel

Ideal candidates will have knowledge of fashion, handling garments, and professional folding.Fashion retail experience preferred. 

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Duties will include assembling product boxes, packing, creating shipping labels, and working as a team to manage inventory. ideal candidates have experience in fashion retail and professional folding. 

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Delivery Driver

Must possess a valid driver's license, clean driving record, and transportation. Delivery drivers are responsible for local in -person deliveries, and occasional UPS runs. Must be organized, well spoken, and professional.

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Inventory Personnel

As an inventory personnel, team members will work with quality specialist, and fulfilment specialist to ensure accurate maintenance of products and alert management when products are due for restock. Ideal personnel have experience managing inventor have strong organizational skills and are well spoken. 

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