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Our Creative Journey


Lead By Example Apparel was founded by T.Y Thompson in early 2019 and now operates as a family partnership with T.Y Thompson and KeYonia fully operating every aspect of the business. 

Our mission is to demonstrate how Art, Luxury, and Beauty is wherever life is and promoting accessible luxury. As living and breathing vessels created in Gods image, we are luxury, therefor luxury is everywhere we (humanity) are. 

We portray our vision by being free as Artist creating timeless pieces that reflects our urban roots, unique artistry, and incomparable quality. 

We are based in the great artistic, cultural, and royal city of Baltimore where both owners were born and raised. 


What Leading By Example Means To Us

Leading by Example means showing our peers and youth it is ok to take your own path, to make efforts to better yourself, and to believe in your dreams. 


Leading by example in fashion is truly expressing your creativity through garments and aiming to serve the world without the pressure of targeting a specific market but with the pressure of staying true to oneself and knowing that the world will be intrigued by what you have to offer. 

Leading Characteristics 

Be Honest. Be Accountable. Be Loyal. Be True to Yourself. Be Teachable. Be Humble. Be Confident. Be Generous. Be Selfless. Exude & Encompass Wisdom. Learn From Your Mistakes and The Mistakes of Others. Be Fearless. Be Genuine. Be Free!

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